Eyeglasses make a very personal statement, so they have to be perfect. That’s especially true if you have to wear them all day and every day. The wrong eyeglasses can detract from your face — making it look fat, pale or even distorted. The right pair enhances your stylishness and proves your fashion sense. For great results, select glasses and frames that flatter your face’s color and shape — and ones that support your style rather than working in opposition to it.

How To Choose Eyewear Frames

Do you have some old glasses that fit well? You may be able to use them to determine the right size for your new ones. Take a look on the inside of the earpieces near the hinge. You may see three numbers — like 51-19-139, for example. These numbers are the measurements of the frame in millimeters. The lens diameter is first, followed by the bridge width and the temple length. Choose frames with similar numbers and you can be sure they’ll fit you well.

Of course, the new glasses don’t have to be exactly the same size as the old ones. Let’s consider the numbers a bit closer:

Lens Diameter: Try to stay within 2 mm for a good fit. “51”in this example.

Bridge: Stay within just 1 mm, otherwise the glasses won’t rest well on the nose. If you choose frames with adjustable pads, you can widen your search a bit, and then adjust the pads for a good fit. “19” in this example.

Temple: You can allow up to 5 mm of difference from your well-fitting glasses here. Any more difference, however, and the glasses may be too loose or too tight around the ear. “141” in this example.

All of our frames are categorized both by overall size — large, medium or small — and specific measurements for your convenience. Just search for what you need.

How To Buy Glasses Online

Your eye doctor changes your prescription. Or your old glasses get scratched. It’s time for new ones. Years ago, the only way to buy a new pair of prescription eyeglasses was to go to an eye doctor’s office or the mall. They were expensive, but you could usually find something satisfactory from the limited selection. And since you needed to be able to see, you didn’t have any choice but to pay the asking price.

Welcome to a new world of buying glasses online. For a fraction of the cost at bricks-and-mortar stores, you can get high-quality, professionally made glasses online. Glasses that once cost $350 or more at the mall now cost just $50 or less online. Save $300 — or use your saving to buy a pair of glasses to match every mood or outfit. Either way, you come out ahead!